Giving Together is a comprehensive SaaS solution
for corporate and employee giving programs. is revolutionizing the way that companies engage in giving

We believe in the power of giving in groups. brings companies, causes and the community together to make giving social, fun and rewarding.

Give Together
There is strength in numbers!
Competitive crowdfunding, donation matching, fundraising campaigns & more.
Inspire Others
Get others passionate about the causes you care about. Access to social marketing tools that make giving an engaging and interactive experience.
Manage Your Philanthropy
With a portfolio, you can gain visibility into where your charitable donations are going & calculate your tax credit ahead of time.

Attain Your Giving Goals

We want to help create an environment where employees can not only be charitable,
but also share their philanthropic passions.

Create giving campaigns for causes close to your heart!

Unlock the power of giving and the sense of community within your organization.

The Crew
AKA the 'A' team

Aki Kaltenbach
Co-Founder who supports: Education Generation, NPR & Acumen Fund.
Andre Liem
Co-Founder who supports Trips for Kids & Ladies Learning Code.
Amanda Popkin
Co-Founder who supports Creative Kids & the Melanoma Network of Canada.

'We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give" - Winston Churchill

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